Saturday, 13 October 2012

Contoh Narrative B.Inggris

During story industry practice

As a student of SMK, students are required to attend industry practice smk my department held for two months in september-oktober.Place the Vistama Comtech is an educational institution located in Pabelan with Riddwan and Ardi.
On the first day, we were not used to an environment other than in the school, we were given the task of making some fairly complex website and given two months to finish.
In place industry practice, come at 9 am to get there every morning I ride the bus and sometimes delivered my father, in Vistama our web working together and sometimes when we were bored we were filled with watching movies browsing and sometimes we are also pictured in the Vistama at 12 noon we went to the mosque which is located not far from Vistama to pray Dhuhur after that we had lunch at 'Hek'. Upon our return full duty at 1 pm, 2 pm is the time we should go home.
Activities that we used to do, to be honest sometimes I get bored and sometimes I miss the school such as yearn to friends, teachers and the school environment adaptive normative then I brought the book to learn the material and do not forget the school.
That's my story when Prakerin, industry practice experience that will be an experience for me in the industrialized world and I hope to eventually do the job properly in the industrialized world.

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